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Adaptation Furniture for Accessible Storage

21 March 2016

Ample bathroom storage has always been an area of concern for those who are limited with space. In the 80’s this problem was finally addressed in the form of fitted furniture, or vanity units as they are also referred, which sought to combine both storage and fixtures to allow for a more efficient way of housing these two essential bathroom items.

This solved many a families bathing problems for a number of years until a revolutionary focus shift in the bathing market. As concentration moved towards looking to achieve stay at home care and independent living, which in the grand scheme of things is a relatively new concept, manufactures started to innovate the mobility market to help achieve bathroom safety in the elderly and disabled.

Over the years we have seen a successful rise in said solutions which are continuously being improved to help make bathing safer and easier, as well as more aesthetically pleasing. Solutions like walk-in baths, wet floor showers, low & level access showers, raised height / height adjustable basin & WC’s and auto toilet bidets are just a handful of the available fixtures all designed with the end user in mind.

Unfortunately, and similarly to the mass market storage solutions, made with accessibility; and therefore usability, in mind was a late adopter and has only just been formally addressed.

More Ability are now proud to reveal a revolutionary mobility bathroom storage solution in conjunction with acorn bathrooms. The said fixture which can be seen below has been stylishly designed with safety and wheel chair accessibility in mind, ideal for small bathrooms or those looking to incorporate accessible storage units.

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