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Walk-in showers for stylish and accessible shower room solutions

5 January 2016

With the growing number of showering solutions now available it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decide what solution is best for you, your needs and personal aspirations.

First off, let’s set the record straight – what exactly is a walk-in shower?

As the name would suggest you would think to enter a walk-in shower you would simply ‘walk-in’. One thing to note however is that this shower solution isn’t necessarily level access and most certainly isn’t a wet floor or enclosure / cubicle. Commonly a walk-in shower is often built up on a tray and enclosed by a wraparound glass screen which is usually open ended, the tray is typically 40mm high however for the purpose of easy access it is desirable to opt for the 25mm high tray.

Tray height, coupled with a slip resistant covering should take care of your imminent needs (further adaptations for ultimate safety will be covered later) however with regards to meeting personal aspirations the list is much more design focused.

The walk-in shower offers an array of options in relation to size, style, fixtures and additional features. The design options are pretty much limitless as a result of the high specification of customisation available, examples of styles & shapes include curved, keyhole or P shape, recessed and right or left access or both.

Furthermore the walk-in shower has a number of advantages and benefits over other showering solutions including space saving options whereby most designs are fitted into the corner of a room leaving the remainder of the space open and free – increasing ones ease of movement and manoeuvrability.

Due to the design, and depending on chosen shape, a walk-in shower also fits in / replaces an existing bath perfectly meaning if you have opted for a bathroom to easy access shower room conversion to facilitate safe & independent living the transformation is quick and easy, saving you time and money.

As mentioned earlier walk-in showers are great for the ‘here and now’ of the initial struggle of getting in and out of the bath – part and parcel in senior age. However they are also a fantastic solution with regards to having the ability to ‘add to’ with means of further adaptations, ensuring ultimate safety in later life. Our top 3 additional features include:

  • Wall mounted shower seats for sat down bathing
  • Chrome grab rails and leaver handles for ease of use and additional safety
  • Thermostatic mixer controls providing anti-scalding facilities

To round up the walk-in shower, if anything, is a real statement fixture that has a number of safe and accessible features that, when incorporated, present a perfect option when looking to create a stylishly modern yet functionality accessible shower room.

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