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Toilet, Basin & Tap options to complete your stylish solution

25 January 2016

Having decided on your preferred, and best fit, easy access bathing solution to reside in your newly refurbished suite you may also be considering what sanitary ware (basin & toilet) and tap fixtures are best to further compliment your stylish solution.

The truth is, like all similar types of bathing solutions, it really depends on your wants and needs. There are a number of basin, toilet & tap options available however you need to decide whether you need fixtures that can overcome a current condition or decide whether you want and/or need to future proof the bath or shower room entirely.

Stylish sanitary ware solutions and ease of use finishing touches tend to be forgotten due to the main focus being on deciding the actual bath or shower fixture. However taking the time to consider whether you need help in other areas in the bathroom, rather than purely on the bathing element, can be the difference between a room that serves a purpose and a room that you love to use.

Toilet Solutions

When it comes to deciding on possible toilet solutions you need, in the first instance, to ask yourself 2 key questions:

1. Is getting on and off the toilet difficult?

2. If not, is it likely to become a problematic area?

If the answer to either of those questions is a ‘yes’ you may wish to consider or seek additional advice on high rise WC units and plinths.

In summary, plinths are a cheaper solution but of course don’t look as visually appealing, high rise WC’s on the other hand are a fantastic solution. They look great (the height difference from a standard height WC is unidentifiable to the naked eye) are quick to install and come in a number of different style options including back-to-wall, wall hung and closed couple meaning your strive for style and safety won’t be compromised in the slightest.

*examples of styles available

Basin Solutions

Similar to toiler solutions, basin solutions require the answer to 2 questions also:

1. Is learning / bending over the basin difficult, often putting strain on your back?

2. If not, is it likely to become a problematic area?

Is it just us or are you also sensing a common theme? Anyway... if the answer to either of these questions is also a ‘yes’ we urge you to consider alternatives to standardised units. Similar to the toilet solutions you can also get raised height / high rise basin units which portray all the same features, advantages & benefits as the WC. As a money saving alternative a plinth could be installed in preferred.

Taps (Bath & Basin) & Shower Mixer Solutions

Finally we urge you to consider what tap fixtures and shower mixture controls would be best to complete your stylish suite. We’ll continue on trend highlighting the 2 key question you need to ask yourself:

1. Do you suffer from any underlying health conditions? Primarily those that affect the following:

a.Reduced grip

b.Reduced sensation

2. If not, is it likely grip and sensation could become an area of concern?

Again, if you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions please consider the solutions that are available to you. Quarter lever taps & shower mixers eliminate the need to grip as they are activated using a slide motion. Furthermore they can also be installed incorporating thermostatic controls meaning scalding, if lack of sensation is an issue, would never be a problem when using hot water to wash and/or shower. Lever mixers and taps are currently a modern day must have, usually finished in a chrome trim they are a fantastic finishing touch to add the all-important style element to a refurbished bathroom.

*examples of styles available

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