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Living made easy with specialist basin solutions

30 November 2015

Home adaptations and alterations are designed to help make daily life and daily living tasks easier and safer for all striving to remain as independent as possible within their own home. Typically these types of bespoke basin solutions are specifically catered towards a disabled user or those with very limited mobility as a result of the specialist nature in which they are designed. More often than not an Occupational Therapist will be required to help assess which of the following solutions would be best suited to an individual’s needs and personal requirements.

Solutions include:

Height adjustable basins do exactly what they say on the tin - they are flexible in height lending themselves to a number of specific needs, requirements and users. They can be raised and lowered to a height / difference of 450mm meaning a user can remain stood upright, eliminating the need to bend, or use the basin seated – in a wheel chair for example.

Furthermore a height adjustable basin unit that is coupled with mirror and shaver sockets often move as a whole unit rather than just the basin itself, they are built with an additional anti-trap safety cut out and offer a battery backup option.  

Low level – wheelchair access basins are similar to height adjustable however they are fixed to a permanently low height. This solution is typically only suggested if the user is always resided in a wheelchair and the basin is not used by any other occupant – that way there is never a need for it to be raised. Like the above the basin is wall hung with enclosed pipe work allowing for easy access that is in no way restricted.

Swing basins work on a similar principally to a wall hung TV – they are fixed to a bracket that is movable in more than 1 direction, whether that’s out, in or round. The shape and size of this swing washbasin allows users, whether seated or standing, to use the basin from the front and sides. Furthermore, it is height adjustable meaning that its position can be fine-tuned to suit the specific requirements of the individual user.

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