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Choosing the right floor & wall coverings to complimenting your stylish solution

19 August 2015

We are on a mission. That mission is to bring to light and inform customers who are conscious of improving their home through alterations & adaptations to not only make it safe and practical but to also make it a relaxing, stylish retreat.

Long gone are the days where bathroom solutions have to look specialist and clinical. Granted, aside from a few additional curves in a design, easy access baths & showers aren’t overly different now than they ever have been. The game changer turning safe & practical to safe & stylish is the design of the room. The additional elements that are often over looked and forgotten about because this is prescribed as a rational purchase rather than an emotional one.

The attention to the final details in an accessible bathroom should be no different to the attention given in a typical bathroom refurbishment. This week’s helpful article aims to concentrate on advising you when choosing the right floor & wall coverings to complimenting your stylish solution inclusive of the types, styles and options available.


Tiles come in the largest variety of styles, colours, patterns, sizes, textures and prices – if you have something in mind it is highly lightly there is a tile out there that matches your exact requirements and personal tastes – ask your specialist designer to help find, locate on advice on this.

Alternatively if you have your heart set on a tile finish but don’t know what you want your surveyor will also be able to point you in the right direction, bringing options to the table that they think you will like, compliment the fixtures you have already chosen and sit well with the over-all look and feel of your home.

Wall boards

Formally known as “the luxury alternative to tiling” wall boards are a solid floor to wall waterproof sheet which, in recent years, have become increasingly popular. A result of such an increase has put pressure on the overall demand which in turn puts pressure on manufactures to make available more styles and designs through constantly innovating and adding to their offering. Again if this sounds like a choice you want to know more about speak to your designer who will provide features & benefits over other options and present choices to your liking.

Vinyl slip resistant flooring

Vinyl slip resistant flooring typically comes in two forms, ‘Polysafe Flooring’ and ‘Altro Flooring’. Usually bobbled in its appearance this type of flooring is typically used to significantly increase grip and significantly decrease the chance of a slip, trip or fall.

Ever popular in a Wet Room or Wet Floor Shower setting these options come in a number of different colours & textures allowing you to choose the right solution for your wants and needs. Ask your surveyor to see a sample book and sit back and relax while they take care of the rest.

Any of the above solutions, if designed right, can really compliment your safe solution making it increasingly stylish and eye catching. Brighter colours and textured coverings will certainly add to the overall look, tone and feel of your safe & stylish suite. Contact More Ability for further help & advice.

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