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Light & Bright Stylish Bathroom Solutions

15 July 2015

Home illumination is too often achieved with a single lighting instrument that creates a bright but somewhat harsh light that lacks warmth and imagination - hardly what we would call aspirational & stylish bathroom design.

The one thing that lighting in your bathroom doesn’t have to be is boring! There are that many options, styles, designs & trends now available and it’s surprising just how much difference the right type of light can make to the look & feel of a bathroom.

  • Recessed Lighting

Set back from the main illumination and often used in cavity shelving to highlight a specific area or feature of a room. Recessed lighting is ideal for creating a calm and warm atmosphere. They are positioned to draw attention to a certain areas forming a dim illumination great for relaxation. 

  • Spot Lights – Floor, Wall & Ceiling

Spot lights are ideal for allowing bright, concentrated lighting on a specific area or focal point of a bathroom or shower room. Used within a ceiling setting they can brighten up the largest of rooms, particularly when they are positioned in the main areas – i.e. over a shower, bath and basin etc.

Floor spotlights are essential when wanting to create low level lighting. Often used on the skirting’s of bath fixtures they are great for creating light in a calm and relaxing way.

Wall lighting is commonly used as recessed lighting (mentioned above) however can also be used to draw attention to certain wall fixtures such as paintings and other wall decorative pieces.

Spotlights are also extremely energy efficient as they create more light with much less heat.

  • Illuminated Mirrors

Whether brushing our teeth, applying / removing make up, shaving or washing the bathroom mirror is by far the most used mirror in the home and given the majority of tasks completed in front of it, it also needs to be the brightest.

Illuminated mirrors come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and designs and when coupled with LED lighting offer a clean, clear & bright image perfect for those concentrated bathroom practises.

  • LED

The beauty of LED lighting is that not only do they create the right ambiance for your stylish bath / shower room solution, but they are also eco-friendly and can be used in a variety of places, spaces and settings.

LED’s after often installed, not only to provide light to a bathroom but to also better its appearance. LED’s are extremely functional and can be combined & installed with:

  • Mirror fixtures, providing useful and beautiful lighting.
  • Ceilings, helping to set the mood and create the desired ambiance for any bathroom setting.
  • Wall decorations, enhancing a design feature, picture or shelf whilst creating a more romantic and elegant feel and appearance.
  • Flooring, ideal for providing low level lighting and creating a sense of calm and mystery.
  • Fixtures & fittings, helping to provide light and focus to aspects of a bathroom suite such as cabinets, basins, showers.

MoreAbility*, part of the Passmore Group, is Yorkshires leading and most experienced bath & shower room specialist for all types of stylish, safe & practical and bespoke solutions. Offering a fully project managed design & installation service we pride ourselves on meeting individual wants, needs and aspirational requirements. 

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