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Could a loved one be suffering?

15 September 2014

As we age, a once seemingly easy task like taking a shower or bath, walking to the shops or cleaning the home becomes harder and more difficult to manage causing unnecessary stress and knocking of confidence.

The bathroom is a perfect example of where this can occur. The strength required to pull yourself up and out of the bath is what makes this task more difficult the older we get. In most cases people can often get in the bath but it is getting out where the problem lies.

Unfortunately the reality is a parent or loved one could be suffering in silence. As a company specialising in bathroom solutions and adaptions we see it time after time whereby someone will continue to struggle with inadequate amenities for years, often using the basin to wash in rather than trying to tackle a bath due to fear of getting stuck or falling.

Research carried out by MoreAbility indicates this happens for 4 reasons:

1) They are unaware of solutions that are available to them

With the introduction of the internet and the ability to have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips many companies are cutting back on print advertising therefore if you’re not online you could be missing out. Many older people who aren’t overly familiar with the internet wouldn’t reap the benefits of being able to find a solution for themselves which is why it is important as family members we offer to do this for them.

2) They believe said solutions to be of a financial burden

As most home improvements, adaptations or refurbishments go there is often a cost involved, one in which a person of an older age may not wish to take on board. However depending on the circumstances involved, such works could be VAT exempt or warrant a council contribution grant, which in some cases could cover the complete cost of the works.

3) They don’t want to worry friends/family, therefore don’t bring their struggle to your attention

A large factor as to why we could be unaware that a loved one is suffering is due to them not wanting to bring it to our attention. As a parent who brought up a family to later in life depend on their children is a difficult transition, one in which people don’t deal with easily. They don’t want you to worry or be thought of as a ‘burden’ and therefore don’t share their struggle.

4) They sometimes don’t want to admit to their struggle

A fear most of us have is the thought of getting older and becoming dependent on those that we once raised. Too often this results in a loved one struggling in silence as they don’t want to admit to needing a little extra help from time to time.

The truth of the matter is that in the 21st century there is no need for anyone to continue to struggle. In the past couple of years we have seen a real push for people to remain as independent as possible, within their own homes, for as long as possible however they need to be safe.

If you fear a loved one could be suffering in silence then it is paramount to discuss your concerns with them and encourage them to be open and honest. In some cases a few additional aids is all that is required to help them to continue living a safe and worry free life however it could also be beneficial to completely future proof their bathroom with the installation of a walk-in bath or shower.

MoreAbility, part of the Passmore Group, is Yorkshires leading and most experienced bathroom adaption and alteration specialists. Offering a fully project managed design and installation service for easy level access showers, walk-in & special baths and wet floor shower installation. MoreAbility pride themselves on practical, ease of use solutions, allowing customer’s peace of mind in relation to maintaining their independence, freedom and safety within their own home.

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