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Can’t get out the bath? The importance of finding the right solution.

19 June 2014

As we age bathroom safety and independence deteriorates at a significant rate and the longer we put of finding the right solution the more danger we put ourselves in.

A number of years ago MoreAbility had a customer enquiry with regards to a bathroom solution. After visiting her property, assessing her needs and surveying the works, naturally, we got talking.
What drove you to our door we asked? And the response we got was astonishing.

Previously the lady, who lived independently, had one evening decided to take a bath. Upon trying to get out, she found she was unable to do so. She lacked the upper body strength to heave herself out the tub and the more she tried the harder and more tired she got.

24 hours had passed and her daughter arrived at her mother’s property, what she found was shocking - her mother still in the bath, emerged, in what was then, ice cold water, and a terrified, cold and frail old lady.
Following a call to the emergency services, a trip to the hospital and overcoming hypothermia the mother and daughter decided enough was enough – never again was she going to be exposed to so much risk.

The mother needed safety and her daughter, peace of mind - they both understood the importance of staying independent and that’s where we came in.

MoreAbility designed, supplied and installed a walk-in shower solution with seat further accompanied by a raised height toilet & basin, not slip flooring and shower hand rails. The job, given the circumstances, was treated as an extremely high priority and was turned around in record breaking time. We couldn’t be thanked enough and the positive impact it had on both their lives in some ways is unexplainable through words alone.

As a severe an example as the above is it highlights the importance of bathroom safety and the urgency in finding a solution as soon as realising you have a problem. In this day and age there is no need to struggle with what was once and enjoyable and relaxing experience and there is no gold medal for coping with inadequate bathroom amenities.

In 2013 MoreAbility designed, supplied and installed 594 bathroom solutions (public & private), made up of a combination of walk-in showers, wet rooms, walk-in baths, bath lifts and easy / level access showers in Leeds alone. That’s 594 people who we have helped to stay safe and independent in their own home and just 1 of the reasons we love what we do.

*Due to customer privacy we are unable to detail information regarding both customers mentioned within this article.

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