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Independent Living - Helping the elderly and disabled achieve independence in the bathroom.

20 January 2014

The question of independent living generally manifests itself when people start to get older and less mobile, or after an illness or disability.

As a result, remaining as independent as possible becomes a priority for the elderly and disabled. Their independence is often the only state they feel they can control as certain aspects of their life change, both naturally due to age, or a result of a sudden or gradual disability / deterioration of health, in which they are permanently impaired either physically and/or mentally.

Whether elderly or disabled, everyone wants to remain as independent as possible within their own home for as long as possible. A recent survey carried out by MoreAbility* identified that unfortunately, 26% of people struggle on with current amenities even though they are aware they need to do something. When further questioned, 24% said they did so because they weren’t aware of the solutions available, whilst 33% perceived the solution to be more expensive than it actually is. However, the truth is that, investing in an accessible / adapted bathroom can be a cost effective solution and crucial in determining whether or not someone can live independently within their own home for many additional years.

Bathroom suites have evolved greatly over recent years, and ‘designer’ bathrooms are now more readily available with features that make them much safer and easier to use. Wet rooms, Walk-in Showers, low-level / easy access shower trays and walk-in baths; raised-height toilets, low raise washbasins and auto toilet bidets can all be used independently by people with limited mobility and at the same time combine style & safety.

Furthermore, bathing aides (a cheaper alternative to an adapted suite), can also really enhance safety. These aids include bath lifts, bath / shower seats and strategically placed grab and hand rails. Anti-scald mixers, non-touch taps and non-slip flooring all play a large part in helping to maintain safety in the bathroom, along with toilet frames and raised toilet seats.

MoreAbility* Managing Director, Tony Passmore, comments on bathroom adaptions and alterations:

“These amenities can really enhance a person’s quality of life and help them achieve independence in the bathroom. They are safer, find the facilities easier to use and are offered added peace of mind – bathing is once again a pleasurable experience. It is important that the people that require these adaptions or aides put measures in place to ensure there bathing experience is made easier and safer from the offset. Prolonging such works can deteriorate a condition quicker and put someone at a greater risk of injury i.e. a fall, which later in life can have serious repercussions.”

MoreAbility*, part of the Passmore Group, is Yorkshires leading and most experienced bath & shower room specialist for all types of stylish, safe & practical and bespoke solutions. Offering a fully project managed design & installation service we pride ourselves on meeting individual wants, needs and aspirational requirements.

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