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Case Studies – Specialist Disabled Wet Rooms

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Mr & Mrs Cusic, Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire - An unmanageable & un-safe bathroom was transformed into a specialist & assisted wet room that catered for present needs & potential deterioration.

31 July 2017

safe & practical wet floor shower - designed, supplied & installed

Following a fall in the bath whereby the user was unable to get out a decision was made whereby enough was enough and that the time had come to make a drastic change to the way in which they bathed.

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  • Specialist Disabled Wet Rooms

Mr & Mrs Bates, Northowram, Halifax, West Yorkshire – a disabled wet room conversion that focused on personalisation & reassurance.

29 June 2017

disabled wet floor shower, designed & installed

With personalisation and reassurance at the core of the project the finished adaptation was everything the couple could have hoped for and more besides.

Discussing everything on site More Ability proposed a suitable design that, not only took into consideration the couples personal preferences, but also worked specifically for the needs and requirements of the main user while equally lending itself perfectly for multi-use and occupancy if and when the time for such presented itself.

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  • Specialist Disabled Wet Rooms

Mr & Mrs Taylor, Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire - A once inadequate & unusable bathroom was transformed in to a bespoke and completely accessible disabled wet room

28 April 2016

a bespoke / assisted wet room - designed, supplied & installed

A completely self-attained bathing solution transformed a once inadequate and unusable bathroom in to a spacious, bespoke and accessible wet floor shower solution that, due to design, could be used independently or with assistance.

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  • Specialist Disabled Wet Rooms