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Secondary to an unsafe environment we don’t think there's anything worse than stepping out of a hot bath or shower into a freezing cold bathroom.

With that in mind we encourage all our customers to consider their options with regards to heating when planning a complete bathroom adaption; in order to fully appreciate & enjoy their new safe & stylish bathing solution.

Firstly we’d like to address all the options available to you, inclusive of the technical features and benefits.

That said, you typically have two main choices up for consideration when deliberating how best to heat your bathroom adaptation – heated towel warmers and underfloor heating.

Technically, when making such decisions, you need to bear in mind what thermal requirements your bath or shower room needs in order to make it ‘comfortably warm’. Doing so will indicate what solution is best for you and your needs, along with size requirements and other general specifications.

Heating & ventilation options for a cosy bathroom solution

Heated towel warmers come in a variety of sizes which of course impacts the heating outage. Furthermore there is also a choice between whether you opt for a chrome or coloured heating system which in itself has its deliberations.

For example to heat a room that requires 3,000-3,500 BTU’s (British Thermal Units) you would need a 6ft chrome towel warmer whereas if you opt for a coloured warmer you would only need one at 4ft as they have 30-50% better heating output.

Another option would be underfloor heating, which is often recommended where tiled flooring has been installed. However when looking to create a safe & future proofed solution we would always encourage other flooring options to be strongly considered, like anti-slip vinyl, which consequently doesn’t require heating as it is naturally warmer under foot due to materials used.

Heating & ventilation options for a cosy bathroom solution

Ventilation is not a necessity when adapting a bathroom however we always recommend installing some form of extraction unit when renovating an existing suite, if only to preserve the work you are about to undertake.

Warm and wet environments can often cause damp which if untreated can easily turn to mould. Installing an extractor fan will overcome this, protecting your new safe & stylish future proofed adaption against these elements for many a year to come.

Heating & ventilation options for a cosy bathroom solution

As well as safe we firmly believe your bathroom adaption should be a relaxing & enjoyable space.

However we appreciate the technical knowledge & input required when making such decision, which is why we are on hand to help and advice every step of the way...

So if you're ready to create your safe, warm and welcoming suite why not book a free home survey appointment online, at a time & date suitable for yourself or call us today on 0113 201 5030.

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