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shower seats and grab rails provide added safety and comfort for those with mobility issues.

If you have mobility issues, bathrooms can be dangerous. However, with the inclusion of grab rails or a shower seat you can enjoy your bath or shower room and minimise the risk of a fall.

shower seats

Shower seats allow you to sit down in comfort and safely enjoy your shower for longer, whatever mobility issues you may have.

Typically, shower seats are fixed to your shower wall and can fold back to the wall leaving plenty of space to get in and out.

They come in a wide range of styles and colours, with the option of additional padding, arms and back rests allowing for increased comfort and safety.

grab rails

Grab rails are a great way to help you move around your bathroom more easily, to use the toilet more safely, and to get in and out of a shower or bath without falling.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, many grab rails utilise non-slip materials and are specifically designed to be very easy to grab and hold onto.

If you have sight problems, you’ll find our coloured grab rails are ideal and also add an extra splash of colour to your bathroom. 

shower seat benefits

  • Safety & comfort - Enjoy your shower sitting down
  • Fold away design - Retains space for easy access
  • Added comfort - Extra padding, arms and backrest available.

grab rail benefits

  • Peace of mind - Increased mobility around the bathroom
  • Specifically designed - Non-slip for ease of use and grip
  • Practical & stylish - Colour options to aid visibility.

To find out more about adding a shower seat or grab rail to your bathroom, call us today on 0113 201 5030 or send us your enquiry online.

You may also like to arrange to visit our West Yorkshire showroom or read some testimonials from happy clients that have use us recently.

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If you are disabled or have a chronic illness, you may be eligible to have your bathroom fully adapted and pay 0% VAT, a saving of 20%. Or you may be fit and well and aged over 60, in which case you still may be able to have a new shower and only pay 5% VAT, a 15% saving.

There are no catches, this is a government initiative. Call us now for more details.

how we can help you.

Your journey to a safe, practical and beautiful new bathroom begins here.

Our own experienced surveyors will work closely with you and your family if necessary, to fully understand your bathing and showering needs.

This will help us to be able to design your new bathroom that is both functional and stylish.

To book your free no obligation assessment call now on 0113 2015030.

Just because you have specific requirements for your bathrooms, to assist with mobility or safety for example, doesn't mean that you have to compromise on style.

Our trained bathroom designers will work closely with you to get the most out of your bathroom, at whatever budget you have, and at the same time ensure your needs are met.

With a combination of your help and information, discussions in our showroom, and the use of our extensive product library, we will be able to specify all the products needed to meet your showering and bathing requirements.

Once we have had discussions with you to fully understand your needs and desires, measured up your existing bathroom, designed your fantastic new bathroom, and agreed the specification of products needed, we will now be able to give you a written quotation for the supply and installation of your new bathroom or shower room.

To arrange for a quotation, call us now on 0113 2015030.

We have all heard the horror stories - everything is going well until the customer gives an order, when often follows broken promises, and customer service just goes out of the window.

Not with MoreAbility it doesn't!

Our installers are highly trained and are all directly employed by our company and many have been with us for many years.

They take pride in their work and are professional and courteous at all times.